Greg started making movies in high school. His very first movie was a documentary about PEI (where he was born). He shot it on a laptop running Windows 95 and a webcam. It was amazing. From there, he started making more short movies with his friends and filming various bands further growing his love of film.

Greg has a sharp eye for detail and is very passionate about capturing those 'tear jerker' moments. He loves working with couples, hearing their vision for the big day and producing a story that they can relive.

By day, Greg is a Software Test Engineer. He's an avid soccer player, a donut connoisseur, and no big deal but he's in a band called I Spell It Nature.

He also enjoys being a Jedi with his nephew:


Mikey started filming at a very young age. He was first to get his hands on his family's Sony Tape Handycam (an oldie but a goodie). A huge traveller, Mikey always makes sure he captures his travels from New York City to Manila, Philippines to Toronto.

Mikey is enthusiastic, driven and passionate about bringing quality film. His goal is to capture those special moments and to provide heartwarming films that will last a lifetime.

Mikey is also a huge soccer junkie, a bit of a book worm, and is pretty confident that he could beat anyone at any given board game.